Personal history

Hisako SUMI

1975 Studied Yuzen-zome dyeing in Kyoto

1979 Studied weaving and dyeing in Hiroshima

1982 Studied indigo dyeing in Hiroshima

Learned sketching at Hiroshima Art Institute

Major Exhibitions

1984 HBC SANJO GALLERY in Sapporo


1994 [L'Art De L'Indigo],GALLERY KOUKI in PARIS

1995 [Lost Children],Sapporo Art Park Gallery Best Pocket                  

1996 [Lost Children],GALLERY GREY in TOKYO

1997 [The Journey of Wind],The Canal Warehouse Gallery in OTARU

1998 [The Journey of Wind],Sapporo Art Park Gallery Best Pocket

1999 [The Journey of Wind and Icon],OKHRA in Roussillon, Provence FRANCE

Group Exhibitions

2000 [Natural Dyes],OKHRA in Roussillon, Provence France

2001 [The 1st Natural Dyes and Pigments and Paints],GEIC in TOKYO JAPAN.

2003 [The 2nd Natural Dyes and Pigments and Paints],GEIC in TOKYO JAPAN

Plenary Lecture

1999 [Apt en Couleur],in APT FRANCE


1983 Hokkaido Art Association Award

1998 Hokkaido Foundation for The Promotion of Scientific and Industrial Technology


1989 Hokkaido Government Northern Life/Culture Promotional Scholarship

   2000 Work Shop in France       1999 [The Journey of Wind and Icon]